Taxi Bo0king Software

Admin Panel

Tagxi’s Admin panel is easy and distinctive interface that enables the admin to oversee and manage the complete Taxi-Hailing business. Real -time Dashboard gives end-to-end comprehensive details about the Fleet, drivers, passengers and particular territory, thus helps the admin to automate the operation flawlessly. Settings and configurations are such easy that admin can customize time zone, currency and many parameters.

Dispatcher Panel

Tagxi’s well designed taxi dispatcher platform helps the dispatcher to create, process and fulfill the new ride request unintermittedly. Dispatcher can also schedule future rides. The dispatcher gets real-time tracking details of fleet on eagle’s eye mode to manage the ride-hailing service effectively.

Mobile App

Passenger and Driver mobile application

Tagxi’s user-centric approach in rider and driver application provides seamless trip booking experience with our notable features like real-time ETA prediction, God’s view, access to local language and RTL support, trip cancellation by driver/rider with varied cancellation reasons, secure payment mode, earning dashboard for driver, ride history details of rider and many more.

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Key Features

Real-Time ETA Prediction
Tagxi provides accurate and reliable ETAs to have seamless rider experience.
E-Wallet and Payments
Advanced E-wallet system enables secure and hassle-free transactions among the business owners, drivers and passengers.
Zone based Pricing
Strategize your business by setting optimal pricing for particular regions.
Heat Map
Tagxi's Heat map feature provides extensive data maps about number of trip requests and frequency of riders in a particular region to update the business model periodically.
Map view / God's Eye
In-app Navigation technology is such crucial in ride-hailing services providing desired location, optimal routes and fleet's spread in real-time.
Promo Codes and Referral program
Expand your customer base through various promotional codes and implementing Referral-Reward programs.
RTL Support
This client-centric feature supplements users those follow Right-to-Left (RTL) language scripts such as Arabic, Urdu, etc.
In-app chat between passenger and driver
Tagxi provides distinguished interface that enables the passengers and drivers to interact with each other while booking the trip. This brings uninterrupted communication platform.
  • Hosting credentials with the URL of authentication, please check twice your credentials
  • The domain name must be registered and linked with a folder in your file manager
  • Php version: 7.2.x
  • Your hosting must have fileinfo, file_open, exif, proc_open extensions enabled
  • Your server should allow
  • Your server must have https enabled on your domaine
  • Your app icon generated from
  • The main color of your app (Ex: #FFCDD1)
  • Your gmail account credentials for enabling push notification.
  • Nb: You can create new one for just notification, and disable double authentication on it
  • Google developers account credentials if you want to upload the app on Google Play Store.
  • Nb: Please disable double authentication on it, please don’t send us an invitation to your account
  • * We are not responsible for google play publication, it is controlled by google.
  • Please follow the First 1 min to get Google Maps API Key
  • Google Maps Api Checker
  • 1. If you see the message “Geocoding service ok” and a Map of NY with 3 markers, it means the Google API key is ready to be used in our store locator apps
  • 2. If you don’t see the image of the Map, make sure you have enabled the “static Maps” service from the “Enabled API” section
  • Installation and configuration process time is between 3 and 5 business days after we receive all information above
  • This duration may extended if the customer didn’t provide the complete and correct information above
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